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After a few weeks of screaming Superbikes all fiddly engineering and electronics that you need a degree to use. We thought it about time to get back to basics and experience power in a different form.

If you’ve been living with your head stuck in the sand for the past few years and let’s face it most of us do. You might have missed the quiet revolution that’s been taking place in American motorcycling. Harley-davidson has still top dog’s of course. But recently they found their superiority being challenged by a couple of young upstarts.

So to kick up the show this week here we have round one the victory gunner. Victory are now well established as an alternative to that other American manufacturer and they’ve done this by not only making an obviously American motorcycle and therefore appealing to the same buyers. But by managing to give their bikes a completely different look and feel to their great rivals.

Yes there’s still the thumping great v-twin but it’s surrounded by a look that’s so much more subtle and modern looking than the traditional Harley.

The lines of the bodywork and clean and crisp chrome embellishment is conspicuous by its absence and as an overall air of restrained elegance even in this bother styled gonna.

Like all victories the gunner is a styling job on the existing chassis engine and running gear and this means that you get the 106 cubic inch or 1.7 liters in old money for you to in motor. Married to a six-speed gearbox driving the rear wheels via belt. Rolling on fat for 16 inch wheels front and back. Suspended by a capable suspension steered by wide bars with your bum on a single seat and looking at a single round clock.

Nothing fancy but it all works together beautifully and looks spectacular with it

And if it’s good to look at it’s even better to ride. There’s always a sense of occasion when you fire up an American v-twin. There’s nothing like that lazy offbeat rumble promising waves of undiluted torque impossibly low revs. If the victory misses this smart drama of the holiday twin all shape rattle and roll it more than makes up for it in surprising refinement and the gearbox while clunky have that solid feeling that only completely over engineering the internals can give.

This bike feels all of a piece and really well built and that includes the solidity of the motor enhanced by the wonderful soundtrack. What was I saying at the beginning of this piece about a quiet revolution

And if there’s a sense of occasion when you fire it up there’s even more to celebrate when you’re rolling the gunner down the road. All packs are character but there’s something about the thunderous and relentless acceleration of the victory.

Which is a mere twist of the throttle away no matter what speed you’re doing. What I really like about the victory is that even though there’s stuck to the great American blueprint of what a motorcycle should be they’ve given it their own flavor their own essence their own style

It doesn’t really copy anybody else it’s crisp it’s clean its uncluttered it’s a modern take on the American motorcycle.

Really like to fight.

So there you have it round one and his victory to the Americans. I did like it morphologically I think it’s a lot of bike for the money. You’re looking at two hundred and twenty thousand rand which i for that style of american big fat cruiser I don’t think that’s a bad price actually.

And the insurance premium. Iron Horse insurance premium you’re looking at seven hundred and forty eight grand a month which for a two hundred twenty thousand run bike to me doesn’t sound like an awful lot of money.

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