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I found the cheapest and safest used cars in five popular categories

all of them have got stability controllers standard, all have been awarded the, 5-star safety rating by Euro endcap and, all of them cost less than you expect.

1. Toyota iQ

First is my five-star city car the Toyota iQ released in 2009 it has no less than nine airbags including the first ever to be fitted across a car’s rear window.

Euro end cap gave it the thumbs up for its overall strength and high number of airbags. Brand new these rock-hard City cars cost from 11 grand but secondhand you can now pick one up for just five.

The IQ is a frisky fun little car and despite being less than three metres long you can just about squeeze four people into it. if they’re
really good friends like really good

The IQ has a vague clutch at the best of times and the early models were known for being a bit weak, so make sure that clutch feels as sharp as it can and it doesn’t slip.

And if you’re looking for a car with any form of a boot you might want to look elsewhere because at 32 liters the IQs is 1/5 the size of the minis.

2. Honda Civic

Next my 5-star family hatch the 2006 Honda Civic. In 2008 Honda further improved the design of the airbags and seatbelts but the top euro end cut mark applies to every single model.

Right now this safe as houses family hatch can be bought from as little as four and a half grand and still it looks like a spaceship.

I’ve never big went bags in my eyes this is more interesting than the current brand new Civic and better still it costs more than 10 grand less.

Now civics are known for being very reliable but do test drive before you buy because this rear spoiler here gives you a whacking great blind spot plus the ride is known for being pretty harsh.

3. Mazda 6

Here’s my five star estate car the mazda 6. Which has been on sale now since 2008 euro endcap give particular high praise for how well the slinky 6 looked after child passengers.

These are still on sale brand new for 20,000 pounds but go and get yourself an early car and you needn’t spend more than 5.

The Mazda 6 is a real unsung hero of a car it’s based upon a Mondeo it drives as well as one but it looks a little bit more unique than amando.

The 2-liter diesel is the sensible engine option but one piece of caution keep an eye on the oil level because it can actually creep up as diesel enters the system which ultimately damages the motor

4. VW tiguan

Time for my 5-star 4×4 the VW tiguan which went on sale in 2008. It was one of the first four-by-fours to be given a 5-star rating with older SUVs often struggling in the Euro endcap tests.

The tick landed brilliantly especially in the side impact. This is a little bit more expensive than the other cars that I’ve found prices coming in from around 10 grand for a 2008 model.

But that’s still half of what they cost brand new and you get the same posh badge and very similar styling TIG ones are still a bit too new to develop too many serious problems.

But the electronic handbrake can be a bit temperamental surprise surprise. One idiotic creation that is.

5. Citroen c4 Picasso

Finally a 5-star car for the family the Citroen c4 Picasso. This has been a fifth gear favourite since it went on sale in 2006 and it’s not just us.

Euro endcap also praised the car for its overall strong performance, these are still for sale and brand new one will cost you about 20 grand but for a used 2007 model.

You can get one for around five for a super safe way of transporting the family about it’s a steal.

When looking for a good one a couple of things you want to check firstly the bumpers now if they’re damaged they’re quite expensive to repair the other thing is the automatic transmission on the c4 Picasso was a bit of a dog.

So you’re better off really going immanuel instead.

So here’s proof that. you don’t have to break the bank to keep yourself safe!

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