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This article is the difference between cruisers and sport bikes So let’s get started.

We’re gonna do a comparison as we go along between sport bikes and cruisers. So we’re gonna go point by point starting with the riding stance.

Sport bikes have a more aggressive stance so the reach is longer to bring your weight over the gas tank. So your weights more centered on the bike your foot pegs are higher up so that you have more ground clearance for when you’re going around corners.

On a cruiser you’re more in an upright position kind of like sitting in a chair almost your arms are usually lifted and the riders weight is near the back of the bike. It’s set up for more comfort than it is for anything else.

Next we have engine and acceleration on a sport bike you have an engine that revs extremely high 13 14 thousand rpms and it is tuned for speed. On a cruiser you have an engine that’s lowered lower torque lower revs. It’s less demanding on the rider for constant shift.

Next is fuel economy sport bike sacrifices fuel economy for speed and acceleration. A cruiser on the other hand has about standard average fuel economy and is set up for more longer rides on a highway for more practical uses.

Brakes and suspension a sport bike has multi piston brake calipers. It also has very large vented rotors for a faster and harder braking it also has suspension that can be fine-tuned for going around corners and getting weight distribution correct. Cruiser is almost complete opposite the brakes are set up for more highway practical use and the suspension is set up for comfort.

When you’re going down the highway, design most sport bikes have fairings which cover the engine completely they also have a windshield this windshield and fairings help direct the air around the rider at high speeds. At the very least reducing overall drag a cruiser shows off more of the engine, more for flashy and show going down the highway it produces tremendous amount of drag. So most Cruiser riders put a front cover on with a windscreen and handlebar covers to reduce the drag on the individual.

Difference in behaviors while riding the bike riding a sport bike you clinch your knees against the gas tank to pull your weight off of your front arms holding the handlebars.

Usually the weight of the bike is up above the wheels so that you can more accurately maneuver the bike in a corner when stopping on a sport bike you apply the front and the back brakes at the same time while slightly sliding forward to get your weight off the back tire in case it’s slide.

On a cruiser it is definitely set up for comfort riding the bikes weight is more in the middle of the wheels allowing the rider less burden maneuvering around corners. When stopping cruisers mainly only use the back brake where most of the weight is situated.

And to sum it all up these are two very different bikes a cruiser rider is missing out on intense acceleration and deep cornering at high speeds sport bike rider is missing the comfort and torque that a cruiser offers on longer road trips.

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