Seat Ateca Lease and Review

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If the Nissan Qashqai were capable of feelings I reckon it would be pretty scared right now for a long time it’s been the default choice for growing families looking for a small yet practical SUV. But competition is getting tougher all the time and the Qashqai status as king of the small SUV is under threat from cars like this the set attacker.

It’s the Spanish brand’s first SUV and looks a real contender on paper but what’s it like in the real world well that’s what we’re going to explore in this review, in its cheapest form the attacker comes with a 1 litre turbocharged petrol engine, which is fine for around town. However if you plan on travelling with a couple of passengers or spending much of your time on the motorway.

we’d recommend going for one of the bigger versions.

Our favorite is the turbo charged 1.4 liter petrol because it’s strong and refined plus it isn’t much more expensive to run than the 1 liter the 2-liter diesel also impresses, but it’s a lot more expensive.

When it comes to ride comfort the attacker can feel downright harsh on bigger alloys. So we’d recommend sticking to the 17-inch wheels around town it can still feel a little unsettled.

But it’s definitely on the more acceptable side of firm.

The up side of the attack is stiff suspension is that it keeps things well controlled over dips and crests and limits body lean through the corners combined with steering that’s precise and quick to respond it makes it a lot of fun one thing everybody wants from a small SUV is a comfortable commanding driving position with a clear view of the road ahead and the attacker offers that which is great news.

You also get these sport seats which hold you tightly in place through the bends an adjustable lumber is standard on most models in terms of interior quality it’s more than a match for the cache kai and kia sportage.

But the peugeot 3008 and audi q2 are better still entry-level s versions of the attacker get a 5-inch touchscreen a USB port and bluetooth, but se models and above have this larger 8-inch system the upgrade also brings Android auto and apple carplay functionality meaning you can control your smartphone using the car and all the menus are clearly laid out

There’s plenty of space in the front of the attacker and each of these doors can take a large bottle of water.

Meanwhile in the rear there’s loads of leg and Headroom and even the middle seat is quite comfortable although you do need to find
somewhere to put your feet.

True the attacker doesn’t get the sliding and reclining rear seats from the Volkswagen Tiguan on which is based but the seats split and fold 60/40 to let you expand the already large boot.

An adjustable boot floor is a relatively cheap option and when it’s in its highest position there’s virtually no load lip it is worth noting though if you go for the four-wheel drive model the boot is slightly smaller.

The attacker is far cheaper than a BMW x1 and Volkswagen Tiguan and compares favorably with a Nissan Qashqai or Kia Sportage.

It’s also worth noting the attacker will hold more of its value after three years than its two main rivals, although servicing costs are slightly high for its class, in terms of spec we’d avoid the entry-level s model because it’s a little basic instead go for se which gets you 17-inch alloy wheels, cruise control, rear parking sensors, 8-inch touchscreen and climate control.

In addition every attacker has automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection and the car received a full five-star rating from Euro endcap.

so even though it’s a its first attempt at an SUV the attacker heads straight to the front of the pack.

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