Road Glide Vs Street Glide – Which to Choose

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This is information about the street line versus the Revlon or Road Glide Vs Street Glide in my opinion and differences of the two. First talk a little bit about the Street Glide I think the street glide from my personal preference is a little bit better for guys say five ten and under. If you’re a little shorter and you can’t reach you can always lower the back a little bit but the reason why I say that, it’s because the way that the wind hits the fairing.

If you’re over five ten like say you’re six foot six one six two on a streak line you get a lot of buffering and your helmet your glasses will tend to shake. Because the bearings a little bit closer to you also on a street line is boring comfortable type of ride on the street line, more chill will relax, your your boom audio and your gauges and stuff or a little closer to you.

So when you’re sitting on the bike it’s a little easier to touch the screen if you need to because it’s a lot closer. Both of these are 2018 Street Claude and Road cuts row Claude specials, So they have the new stretch bags, As you can see they’re fully blacked out kind of that dark customs look they did redo the suspension and these bikes have a hundred and eleven foot pounds of torque right off the line.

I think that they weighed the Street Glide right at 798 pounds if I’m not mistaken. Now a Road Glide in my opinion is if you get a little more of a sporty ride from it and the reason why I say that is because since the fairing is not directly attached to the handlebars.

When you’re sitting on it I feel like you have more stability and more control to actually kind of ride sporty like hit Horner corners hard and stuff like that.

I have a little line that I tell people when they’re looking at road glides if they never if they’ve.
never ridden them is if you’ve ever ridden a bike when you’re younger and you have a buddy you know riding on your handlebars your bicycle when you’re like 13 14 you know.

I always say that riding a road glide it’s like taking your buddy off the handlebars, Seriously because you’re losing like a hundred 150 pounds because that bearing weight also if you’re a little bit taller like I mentioned with the street glide. If you’re like six foot six one six two maybe five up five 11 you don’t get that buffering that you get on a street glide. Since the fairing is a little farther away from you the wind comes up and directly over your head a little bit more.

But the only downfall is some people don’t like how far the radio is away from you like I said on the road glide everything is a little further away. But on both models you you don’t ever have to touch that screen at all it’s fully controllable from your handlebars. So your cruise and your controls are right here on both sides and I’ll go over some of that.

I said so if you’re torn between a street glide or a rogue glide just keep in mind your height and also what you’re after I personally think that a street glide is a little better for chewing and touring.

I think a row glide is a little better for you know hidden corners and stuff like that but they’re both touring bikes so you’re gonna be torgul both of them just keep that in mind and test drive both if you’re interested and make the decision on your own which one you like more.
But that’s the differences between the two and I hope that helped you guys thanks guys.

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