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100 horsepower jammed into a small chassis sounds like more fun than a sack full of kittens . The question becomes though can an Indian scout live up to the formidable reputation of its predecessor to find out we’re throwing this baby through a full RevZilla shakedown.

We’re gonna review, what’s awesome about the Scout but also what needs to be improved. And because this is a RevZilla style review we’re also going to show you what modifications you’re gonna need to make if you’re thinking about putting us down into your garage.

come on let’s go.

The 2015 Indian Scout is a new entrant to the mid to heavy weight level Cruiser market. It differentiates itself from some existing competitors in two major ways.

First and most notably it’s the other American Cruiser.

The second way the Scout stands out it’s got a big bike motor tucked into a very compact chassis.

It’s gonna be perfect for riders who do short haul work and they want something that’s nimble and agile an athletic bike, that’s light on its feet.

Now couple that information up with the fact that the Indian Scout is easily the most affordable item in Indians lineup and it’s not too hard to see what customer they’re gunning for. They’re looking for younger riders returning riders but riders who have enough experience to understand that there’s some cachet in owning a premium brand like an Indian. Remember Indian is America’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer

Now it comes to competition there’s no shortage for the Scout if you’re looking at Indian stout odds are that you’re very familiar with the harley-davidson Sportster 48. The two bikes are very similar similar displacement almost an identical MSRP and you can see that fat front tire up front gives it a heavy dose that American crews are styling. Of course both bikes are also made in America.

Now if the maintenance for you there are some metric cruisers after that might also be to your liking. Kustomagz are thinking specifically of a Suzuki Boulevard a Yamaha v-star or perhaps a Honda state line they’re gonna offer similar features for again right around that same price point.

Now when it came time to evaluate the Scout we had to figure out who this bike is being made for pretty obviously this is not for the guy who’s going three states away and it’s not also for the person who’s going to work in the morning. The Scout is a rider’s bike this is for someone who doesn’t have a destination they want to get out there and ride just for the sake of riding.

Engine as a peach this motor has got so much power over 4,500 rpms you can. Just get right on it and this thing gets right up to speed it really is a quick quick bite. Now the engines also got some duality about it too this thing’s almost sleepy and docile under 4,500 rpms. Won’t get you into trouble unless that’s what you want.

Keep in mind is a very modern engine design this thing is actually over square it’s got more more than stroke. Couple it up of its four valve heads and you know that this is a bike that’s going to rev to the moon. Really does perform it’s pretty funny how fast you can get right up to speed on this puppy.

Now this thing’s not all brawn there’s some beauty with this too check out some of the treatments they’ve given the engine this thing looks absolutely beautiful you can see all these passing ribs into the jugs.

Kustomagz also like some of the surface treatments you’re gonna notice recut areas here on some of the fins and then they also have chrome over some of the rough cast areas as well as some polished chrome areas too. This is a very handsome engine it looks very stately.

Now one of the other things is cool about the engine is it’s also part of one of my other favorite parts of this bike. It’s part of the chassis if you look underneath here you’ll notice there’s absolutely no frame rail underneath the engine that’s because the engine is a stressed member not only is it propelling the bike but it’s also helping to stiffen up the chassis. Now it’s pretty evident that the Indian designers who are working on the front end we’re also talking to the frame guys.

Check out this wide tire that’s going to be part and parcel of the bike like the Indian stout something that’s harkening back to that American Cruiser it’s going to give that classic look needs a tire that’s kind of wide. So to work around the fact that a wide tire sometimes doesn’t handle that well the indian designers did a great job it really steepened up the rake angle relative to a regular cruiser.

This is got a 29 degree right angle typically you’re gonna see bikes in this market in the 30 to 32 range so by quickening up it’s tearing a little bit then maintain that stable feel that a wide tire can give you without getting that slushy feel on a turnin.

Now the last thing on the step that I absolutely loved were the brakes the brakes are fantastic on this bike when I first got this I thought there was absolutely no way that a single disc applied to 100 horsepower motorcycle could feel good but that’s not true at all

The brakes are really good they do a great job hauling the bike down from us you know down to a stop but they also provide excellent feel. Both at the lever and the peddle. Part of the reason they feel so good are things like this stainless line you’ve got one on the front and also hooked up to the rear brake. Kustomagz hope Indian doesn’t change a single thing with the brakes on this motorcycle.

Now Kustomagz could talk all day about things that were positive about this gap but in living with it day to day there were some flaws that started to expose themselves

Now as you’ve just seen the Scout absolutely rips this thing has loads of power unfortunately thanks to the awesome brakes that the Scout engineers fitted this thing with it stops every bit as well as it goes. Couple that up with the awesome chassis and design integration and you’ve got a bike that handles well on the highway without feeling twitchy but it’s also super nimble around town.  Let’s get back to that engine sure there’s lots and lots of power but it all seems to come on after 4,500 rpms the Scout really makes you work to get the power that it has to offer

One of the other crucial items I feel like the Scout really failed on was the suspension specifically the front, was it soft. Couple that up with the rear suspension that was a little bit firmer than Kustomagz expected and you have a very confusing ride. The suspension pieces don’t work well with each other nor do they work well with the staff considering how capable the motorcycle is. There were also a handful of other problems that Kustomagz noticed when you was riding the bike.

Things like the low oil pressure indicator it’s neither a light nor gauge it was hard to figure that out.

It’s not like your traditional cruiser this thing doesn’t have gobs and gobs of low-end torque. If you’re a habitual engine lugger staff leaves a lot to be desired you’re the wrong gear cranking down doesn’t produce any torque you can see it right now just there I was a full throttle because I was in the wrong gear.

This thing just has no low end it’s got lots of power but you have to be willing to get out of there so if you’re a serial engine lugger the Scout might not have a drivetrain that you loved.

One of the other things it’s a little weak on to is engine braking there’s not much engine braking here it just doesn’t it doesn’t slow down a big hurry when you roll off the throttle that’s something to be aware of there

Were many times I found myself down shifting furiously in order to get some engine braking had to many times I was in first I couldn’t get any more engine braking out of this so just keep in mind this is a different style it’s a modern engine in this cruiser.

Now one of the other things about the engine that seems kind of minor but was also very important. Was the low oil pressure indicator the stout has neither a light nor a gauge.

Stop sign exactly what we’re looking at if kill this engine and cut the oil pressure like what happened in some sort of a bad scenario all you get is this readout here on LCD screen that’s the only indication have that I’ve lost engine oil pressure.

That can be problematic especially if you’re on the highway and you need to get pulled over time can be critical it’s a minor flaw but it’s a flaw nonetheless.

Vibration of 80 miles an hour meant that anytime I needed to make a lane change I was first readjusting mirrors. No good for me though the biggest shortcoming on the indian scout was the front suspension the suspension is so soft, the front suspension was just too soft. Suspension actually working here if they run over just normal things you’d see on typical bad pavement. Unfortunately this thing is working overtime, hitting the top out Springs on this there’s not that much travel and the springs are so soft.

Damping is bad it’s not confidence-inspiring especially for a younger rider where somebody without boatloads of experience they don’t want to feel their front tire not giving them feedback from the road.

From there I think I’d stay at the rear end of the bike and also slip a set of mufflers on there we through a set of trash ton our Scout and it sounded absolutely nasty. Two reasons I would do this hey I’m a sucker for loud bikes and be every time I was at a stoplight and a Sportster owner rolled up I’d want him to know not to tangle with me. The Scout is a badass bike all that guy is gonna do is waste gas looking at my taillights.

From there I’d move back up to the front of the bike get rid of these mirrors look at them they’re still moving all over the place this is a quick and easy modification there’s about a billion mirrors out there that’ll look great and fit well on the stout.

One of the other things I think I’d also changed these front turn signals again nothing to buy here a little DIY modification should get you home.

I think you can add either a little bit of grip tape to the fourth tube of possibly shim these things out a little bit to keep them from moving around so easily when you’re on the highway.

Now I have lots of other thoughts about the Scout this bike really killed it for me a lot of the things I thought about it hit the cutting room floor shoot over common trip you can read my in-depth analysis of the Indian scout.

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