How Much To Paint A Motorcycle : Best Tips from KustoMagz

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This is a matter even many bike owners become confused with. As getting your bicycle stained or painted is necessary, you’re very likely to ask how much it might cost you until you have the stuff or get it painted with an expert. In this informative article, we’re likely to go over the price of a routine, customized, and DIY paint projects.

If you’re somebody who loves to earn customizations in your bike , you ought to be ready for the price it involves. When you’ve got it painted with designs of your taste or you’re making significant advances in your bike total look or cover any scars or scratches, it’s necessary you understand beforehand how much you’re taking out of your lender.

Price of a Normal Paint Job

As any paint project, the price is extremely determined by the quantity of job that should be performed before you’ve got it painted. Remember that the real painting is simply 1 portion of the procedure and that the largest job is sanding off the old paint out of your bike.

The sanding component would require manual function and of course, it would require some time. Additionally, the price would also be raised if there’s so much preparation that should be performed before the real painting job. These pieces are typically more challenging to paint and have been demonstrated to be among the most expensive bits in your bike.

Here is a suggestion, you might start doing so preparation even before going to an expert. All you have to do is find out how to perform it on your own. As stated previously, the price for a normal paint project ranges from $300 to $1500, and in the event that you will perform the groundwork yourself, you’d have the ability to shave at least a few hundred bucks.

If paying the stated amount isn’t something you’re ready to do, another is to take the tank off, in addition to the fairings of your bike . Because these elements are the top priority for paint projects, it simply makes sense that just these elements should be brought into the store.

If you’re performing the groundwork yourself, then these are the components that have to be attracted to your own mechanic: tanks, rear and front fender, and the side panels. Consider how much you can save by simply doing the groundwork. To put in, you may even haggle the price if you can bring these components individually.

Price of a Custom Paint Job

As stated in the previous section, a normal paint job is far cheaper than customized ones. However, it should be said that if you’re restoring the paint of your own motorcycle, it may cost you a lot more. Bear in mind that it could not be possible for you to haggle the price in the event the specialist performs customized painting and design to your bike.
Cost of a DIY Paint Job

Doing the bike painting by yourself would only cost you significantly less than $100. This sum, however, is dependent if you know the painter, because they may offer you a friendly price. While this amount is cheaper than the first two paint jobs, it is apparent that you are going to need to do the dirty work on your own before you’ve got it painted.

Understanding how to paint a bike is vital, particularly if you’re on a small budget. You simply want the correct tools, in addition to the understanding, and also you may have a paint job which has the exact same quality as the ones at the stores.

The best part is you may do these paint jobs on almost any bike you need, anytime you would like. All you will need is to exercise and you’re able to earn a superb paint job on your own bike. In case you’ve mastered it, then you may also do a part-time job painting bicycles.

1 factor you should think about is the price of the plan and the colors which you need for your bike. If you prefer stickers, that will cost you a good deal more. The bike you would like to get painted, in addition to the new paint, are just two of the most essential elements which you ought to also consider. Paints for high-street brands are inclined to be much more costly than others.

Another thing to observe when performing a paint job on your own is that you shouldn’t shy away from obtaining skilled assistance, particularly if you’re not confident you could do it. Sanding off sounds to be an elaborate task and doing it wrong may cause additional harm to the surface of the bicycle . Just do not forget which you will need to be very careful when doing this job.


As mentioned, a normal paint project would cost you $1500 in the slightest, a customized paint job ranges from $900 to $2200, whilst DIY paint projects are a whole lot less, $100 in the least. Additionally, bringing the tankfender, and panels would slash off a couple hundred bucks. Just do not forget that you may not pay back the price, particularly if the job would be to fix or if you need customized layouts.

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