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so you’re in the market for an SUV crossover if you’re considering Honda you certainly can’t go wrong they have three outstanding vehicles to choose from we’re gonna look at two of them right now and compare them. So everybody knows the CRV we’re gonna look at the CRV against the little brother the HRV and obviously the biggest difference first of all is size.

When comparing the CRV and the HRV there’s a couple of notable differences in overall size. One is is that the CRV is actually about 11 inches longer than its sibling the HRV.

Most of the length you’ll see difference between the CRV and the HRV is strictly for cargo space however HRV as we’ll learn in a minute has quite some different seating configurations that allow for more cubic feet and more passenger room.

Like as far as cargo space that’s a big consideration for people.

It certainly is and when you consider the two vehicles you’ll notice that the HRV boasts a 24 cubic foot cargo space area while the CRV has 39 when you’re talking about folding the seats flat the CRV boasts 79 cubic feet of storage versus the 58 that comes with the HRV.

And both vehicles provide the 60/40 split. They do both vehicles do come with the 60/40 split as well if you needed to put one side down to extend you know your cargo storage versus having both seats up.

Right now, let’s talk about something the HRV has that the CRV doesn’t and that’s the magic seat. yes it is so Honda on this technology called the magic seat basically what that technology allows us to do is take the bottom part of the seat fold it up and it clips against the back part of the seat which allows a flat storage space where you would normally have your passenger foot room.

So it allows for quite a bit more space and storage when transporting things. Like a lot engine gas mileage performance all of those important things.

The HRV boasts a CVT transmission with a 141 horsepower engine behind it, it they are mostly sold here in Rhode Island all wheel drive all they do come in a front-wheel drive transmission and they also have a option for a manual transmission. But everybody wants all-wheel drive everywhere all wheel drive so that’s mostly what we sell sure when considering the CRV there’s a couple of different options the first is the entry-level LX model CRV comes with a 2.4 liter CVT engine.

Which gets gas mileage roughly somewhere between 26 and 32 on the highway when you jump up to the 1.5 liter turbo model in the e.x you actually increase your gas mileage from from that 26 to 28 and from that 32 to 34. So you get actually a little bit of better gas mileage with a stronger you know turbocharged engine.

And even though the CRV is this is a little bigger vehicle than the HRV gas mileage is pretty close. It is pretty close I have to say Honda’s done a great job designing that 1.5 liter turbo engines to really maximize fuel efficiency. Can both vehicles tow.

So it’s interesting you mentioned that while the CRV has a tow ratio up to 1500 pounds the HRV does not recommend the tow with it.

However the CRV factory installed towing package toes up to 1,500 pounds quite simply.

About the driver experience and all the creature comforts inside the HRV and the CRV both have standard features that drivers want these days they have the 5 inch infotainment system that houses all of the Bluetooth connectivity and radio functionality that we look for these days they also come standard with a backup camera in addition to that when you go ahead and go into the higher models of both the HRV and the CRV.

But the HRV you can add things like leather a sunroof satellite radio that are becoming more and more prominent in what customers want in their vehicle.

The higher models of the CRV boasts hands-free tailgate as well as satellite-linked navigation apple carplay and android auto. Safety is important and both of these vehicles are incredibly safe vehicles for their passengers. Yes they are a matter of fact both these vehicles just earned the 2017 5-star safety rating I don’t get better than that you really can’t although the CRV in fact has earned the IHS top safety pick+ the 2017 CRV offers what we call the Honda sensing suite of technology.

What that comes with is adaptive cruise control allows you to set the cruise control and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

It also boasts a lane keeping which measures with a camera the width of the lane as you’re driving and keeps you comfortably within that Lane without drifting they also offer Road departure mitigation assistance if for some reason you were to have a medical emergency or you were to fall asleep at the wheel.

The vehicle will actually stop you from going off the road and pull you over safely without you even being aware.

Last, thing price. Yeah price is always a big consideration for folks these days when you talk about the HRV and it’s entry-level model TLX. It starts roughly at twenty two thousand five hundred dollars for the all-wheel drive.

The all-wheel drive correct which everybody which everybody in this part of the country definitely wants.

When you move to the crv your starting price is roughly closer to twenty six thousand and change.

As you tear up the models you’ll notice that that difference about forty five hundred dollars or so stays the same until you reach the top level of the HRV the loaded model with the leather the sunroof the navigation is
only 27,000 and change which still a great price trip for everything you’re getting in that car.

When you move to the CRV you can move all the way up to the Touring model which gives you the hands-free rear tailgate in addition to all the other you know safety features and infotainment features you may want in a luxury vehicle and that prices out right around thirty five thousand

And either way whether you want to go with a base model or a higher-end model or compare the CRV to the HRV.

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