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The Ford Kuga has the look of a tough SUV but does it feel like one from behind the wheel. Well the driving position is high so you get to commanding view the road ahead. It’s easy to get comfortable because the steering wheel has loads of adjustment for both height and reach. The windows are large so even with privacy glass it feels nice and airy in the back seats.

Headroom is really good too especially for recline the rear seats backwards the one problem is that the seat bases are quite low and shallow. So some people might find that there isn’t enough under thigh support on the plus side the cabin is nice and wide. So it’s more comfortable than their Nissan Qashqai for three people in the back at once. Also there’s almost no hump in the center of the floor.
So there’s loads of foot room for everyone.

When it comes to storing stuff the cabin is just as useful. There’s a huge central bill which has a couple of glowing USB ports and a separate removable shelf and a pair of Coppola’s and an arrow slots it’s just the head of it. The glovebox is just large enough for a big bottle and the deep from door bins can also hold a big bottle. The rear pockets a slimmer though so there’s only space for a small bottle.

But there’s also a pair of cupholders in the folding armrest. Far away there’s a 12 volt socket below the rear air vents. The back doors are tall and open wide say it’s pretty easy to install a bulky child seat.

The eyes fixed mounts are exposed all the time. Which looks cheap one of the rifles bothered to keep them behind some special housings.
The Cougar was awarded a five star rated by euro end cap when it was tested back in 2012.

A facelift in 2016 introduced extra safety technology including cross traffic alert and improved autonomous emergency braking. The Cougar is available with a hands-free tailgate and it works much better than some versions you get on other cars. It’s very responsive and it’s standard on the esti line eggs and Vignola models and optional on the rest of the range. The boot electronically opens to reveal 456 litres of space that means it’s slightly smaller than a Renault Captur and far smaller than both a SATA teka and a Peugeot 3008 spoot.

The opening is wide and is barely any load lip but the bumper is really deep which means there’s a risk of scratching the paint when loading bulkier items. There’s pretty much no underfloor storage either but there’s a couple of hanging hooks food tethers and a 12 volt socket. Load at the cougars booth and it’ll take a baby buggy and two soft bags while a set of golf clubs fits easily. The boot space is deep enough to hold two large suitcases with two small suitcases on top.

The rear seatbacks split 60/40 to improve total boot volume to sixteen hundred and fifty three liters. Folding the seat sleaze a really big humping the floor though which can make it a bit of a pain to those larger items like a buy them push them to the front. Take a bike out and the Cougar is wide enough to hold a TV box across the back seats.

It’ll also hold two large boxes, two medium boxes, two small boxes, two large suitcases, two small suitcases a baby buggy a set of golf clubs and four soft bags so quite a lot then. Overall the four cougar has plenty of space for people and good interior storage but the boot is rather small compared to most of its rivals enjoyed.

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